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Taxi Talk / Re: Dont trow away your Facemasks or Screens
« Last post by watty on Today at 04:58:23 pm »
1,800 Disease Medical experts have a conference.  Only 30% wore masks and about 10% of the total got Covid!   oops

CDC conference cursed by Covid outbreak, 181 infected

Of the approximately 1,800 people who attended the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) Conference in Atlanta, Georgia in late April, 181 reported that they became infected with Covid. While most of the attendees, who are disease detectives, say that they had been vaccinated, only 30% wore a mask.

From The Washington Post:

The CDC's Epidemic Intelligence Service officers and alumni — the disease detectives deployed to identify and fight outbreaks — met April 24-27 at an Atlanta hotel. The conference drew 1,800 in-person attendees, the first in-person Epidemic Intelligence Service gathering in four years. Like many conferences, it was crowded, with much face-to-face contact, many events held in small rooms and lots of socializing, according to attendees. About 70 percent of participants who responded to a CDC surveysaid they did not wear masks at the event.

The outbreak of covid-19 cases at the conference underscores the persistence of an evolving and highly infectious virus.

Another CDC global health meeting is scheduled for the same hotel in early June; about 300 to 400 people are expected to attend in person, said one CDC employee who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak.
Sports and Gambling / Re: Frustrating Day
« Last post by John m on Today at 12:46:30 pm »
England V Ireland start delayed due to Ecomental Protesters holding up the English players Bus .Will Ecomentalists try to stop tomorrows Derby .Real Progress in Protesting the Suffragettes were jumping in front of horses at Epsom a 100 years ago .Now its Girls with hand knitted jumpers and matching Sandals and Blokes with Knitted Sweaters and matching Beards .Make you want to burn tyres and Coal just to fuck up the Planet so these nutters dont get the chance too.
Taxi Talk / Re: Petrol & diesel to rise by 6c on Thursday
« Last post by John m on Today at 11:37:55 am »
The mind boggles but then Irish logic is gombeen?

its about a 3.5% increase .You could probably save that per annum with a good service from your favourite Spanner Wrestler for under 150 but just checking the oil and water seems to be enough for most motorists .Same with getting the car washed 9 euro and a 5er tip for Paddy the Shammy but still wont service the car .
Taxi Talk / Re: Petrol & diesel to rise by 6c on Thursday
« Last post by Cool Boola on Today at 11:19:43 am »
The mind boggles but then Irish logic is gombeen?
Taxi Talk / Re: Petrol & diesel to rise by 6c on Thursday
« Last post by John m on Today at 10:37:33 am »
It was like Double Dole Day yesterday ay the Cheap Garage on the Kylemore Road Forecourt full about 16 cars and another twenty waiting to get in that were joined by another twenty then twenty more . What would you save on a fill ,2.50? possibly take you an hour of your life to drive there wait and drive home .It was a ONCE OFF SAVING of 2.50 . How many people qued up to put in a scores worth ?
Taxi Talk / Re: circle K AIRPORT
« Last post by Dr. Martin Gooter Bling on Today at 12:43:55 am »
no i dropped a greaseball up the airport a while back.
he was just sittin there when all of a sudden he says i'd luvva sarnie.
do i look like a faggot i said.
no no ye cunt he says. i'd luvva sangwidge. is there anywhere open up here.
there's a petrol station up here i told him but because it's two bells in the morning the elephant jockey on the till prolly won't letcha in.
ok fuckin forget abowrit he said.
Taxi Talk / Re: circle K AIRPORT
« Last post by Shallow Hal on May 31, 2023, 04:51:36 pm »
does the airport circle k stay fully open 24 hours for walk ins etc.

You can drop large anytime Doc....but would you really want the question you really should ask yourself!! lol
Taxi Talk / Re: Petrol & diesel to rise by 6c on Thursday
« Last post by silverbullet on May 31, 2023, 01:31:09 pm »
It was simply softening the blow, in the same way, the energy subsidy via the €600 electricity grant was given.
Now that the subsidy has been exhausted the price stays abnormally high.

Wait until we are forced into a mono-fuel situation, electric houses, and EV cars, and watch the dial go up in electric prices.
F**ked no matter how ya look at it.
Taxi Talk / Re: Petrol & diesel to rise by 6c on Thursday
« Last post by Belker on May 31, 2023, 12:30:18 pm »
Circle K fuel discount cards are available fer all Taxi drivers.

4 cent off per liter and half price car washes + a few other bits on snacks, prizes, etc.
Always prefer to pay for my fuel cash in advance.
You do still pay in cash, you just swipe your tag at the till and the 4 cent comes off then pay as you wish, cash or card.
I even have a second tag which me small fella uses on his private car all the time.
Taxi Talk / Re: RIP
« Last post by silverbullet on May 30, 2023, 09:01:48 pm »
RIP to David Belton,  Taximan, and Base controller in both Checkers and Dial-a-Cab:

Also a cousin.

Neggo-Neggo Dave.
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