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Taxi Talk / Re: RIP to The five London Bus Workers
« Last post by mercenary for hire on Today at 04:02:35 AM »
If you've had it your blood will have antibodies that fought it and beat it.

I'm not angry about all this stuff at all.Just assessing the facts as best I can without getting worried.It's not the plot of a James Bond flick IMO where there's some fella living in a cave stroking a cat trying to get us to go cashless.That would be a shite movie.

Taxi Talk / Re: 50% discount
« Last post by Shallowhal on Today at 12:44:43 AM »
Sure the NTA think it's only licence holders whose cars will be 10yr old on Dec 31st will be affected by this global pandemic.....everyone else can go fuk themselves....Jan 1st.....everything will return to normal!!
Taxi Talk / Re: RIP to The five London Bus Workers
« Last post by TheDevilHimself on Today at 12:42:05 AM »
Do yis think they wanna sell hand sanitizer or something?Crash the economies all over the world to push an agenda?Millions on the scratcher to sell newspapers?Nobody wins from this.Even the billionaires can't leave their gaff.

The numbers are actually much bigger.Until they test everyone in the country on the same day all they have is a sample.
No.. But Vaccines is a multi billion dollar industry Watch out for mandatory vaccination programs which the governments of the world will gladly stump up for .........all  on money borrowed from the international banks  (which is also another multibillion dollar industry) + interest..... eventually all  paid for by the plebs (us) . and then of course  they are selling a fair few Covid 19 testing kits too.... as for crashing economies ....  yes there are billions to be made in that too ... not to mention  that this event is a big step towards a Cashless economy  which will be great when the  Transaction charge (tax) is introduced (A few bob to be made there too)
So if you think nobody wins   youre very very wrong..  only a small amount of people win  but they win super big . and if you think that this "lockdown"  is affecting billionaires the same as ordinary folk  then you really are very deluded.
as for the realityor not  of this virus and its deadlyness  ....  I can't comment  I have no direct experience of it  nor do I know anyone who does. Do You ?

 I do have experience of the media coverage of it   and the (so called ) alternative Media and the constant spreading of fear and panic, and I call horse shit on most of what I've witnessed.
My feeling  is that  the aftermath of this Fear Mongering and of this Psychic Driving  campaign  and its economic consequences and its societal consequences and indeed the physical and mental health fallout of this  Lockdown/social distancing  bullshit  will be far more long lasting, destructive and profitable  than any virus could ever be .

@mercenary for hire.  you said  "The numbers are actually much bigger. Until they test everyone in the country on the same day all they have is a sample"
How do you know what the "actual" numbers are ?  heres a question for you  they are saying  that  you can have it and never have symptoms  but still spread it .. scary right ?  but how do they know this  if they are only testing  people with symptoms ?
Taxi Talk / Re: 50% discount
« Last post by Octavia1 on Today at 12:34:36 AM »
No ambassadors will be taking ther stickers off now ...we are looking at a depression for a year at least .....wen people start to get out and about again the work will be scarce enough that only ambassadors will get any work ....I warned you about this in October when I predicted a recession for different reasons but t hgyygg e outcome will be the same....
It's going to get ugly ...the resentment towards ambassadors and freenow is going to up tempo .....
I wouldnt like a new car with stickers all over it ...big minority the taxi drivers out ther are ex cons remember and sort out ther own disputes the only way they know how  ....
Ther will be protests of course outside mount street by the rest of us about the unfair priority freenow policy which is completely out of order and the government are to blame for letting it happen....
If you dont   have a pen and paper at yur suitability you fail or
A scratch on your car you fail your suitability yet freenow can dictate who gets the work ......the only way is to complain to the minister of  protest his office ...not freenow .....
The shit is going to hit the fan wen this virus settles down and yur €350 is withdrawn
Taxi Talk / Re: The wise words of Donald the Fucktard
« Last post by Charmschooldropout on Today at 12:15:22 AM »
I clearly stated Irish Times .If you are not a paid subscriber some Irish Times links do not work .Im sure the Pen of perpetual righteousness will allow the piece as I identified the source .But thank you very much for bringing to my attention the pedantry associated with posting on this esteemed forum .

Trump goes down and you'll know all about censorship. Trump goes down and Varadkar and his cabal of globallist crooks will open the door for  a new world order led by President Xi. Try calling that genocidal monster a Trumptard and you'll be doing hard labour in sharpish in a gulag not of your choice....I'm exaggerating. But only a little. Who would have believed a short three weeks ago that the country would be under indefinite house arrest. It's coming unless people in this country start waking up.....Trump is Ireland's best friend... much more so than the treasonous Varadkar and his attempt to t-bone the economy and thus the way we live.....
Taxi Talk / Re: When did you decide to stop spreading the virus?
« Last post by Octavia1 on Today at 12:01:33 AM »
10 th March....
Taxi Talk / Re: When did you decide to stop spreading the virus?
« Last post by TheDevilHimself on April 05, 2020, 11:57:06 PM »

Wow! I didnt know so many of youz were amongst the Infected.
Taxi Talk / Re: 50% discount
« Last post by Shallowhal on April 05, 2020, 11:07:47 PM »
And you get the privilege to bring donuts into the office and the staff to say "what a wanker" behind their backs.
Maybe FN should have got their Ambassador army to transport the HSE staff around for free  , now that would have been a very christian gesture, god knows these drivers have made enuf rent while the rest of us have to play 2nd fiddle.

Bit like waiting for sloppy 2nd's
Taxi Talk / Re: Good news for a change..
« Last post by stonethecrows on April 05, 2020, 10:57:05 PM »
I wonder its David Knox and Bill Costello out doing those 50% off Jobs?????.It really should include all essential services.Do Any Freenow drivers here agree??

Dave Knox got his P45 from Hailo/MyTaxi,he was leading the charge from across the street in Flag.....Wild Bill....Sticker Remover extraordinaire is still in situe with 50%Now.
I believe Bill has left the FN nest
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