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Taxi Talk / Re: AGRO
« Last post by john m on Today at 11:28:55 am »
We are still expected to work in this shite ...Three men have been arrested after a fight on South William Street in Dublin in which a restaurant worker was injured with glass.

The incident happened at around 9.30pm last night on the street in Dublin's south city which has been marred by incidents of anti-social behaviour and crowd gatherings in recent weeks.

It is understood a group of four people caused a disturbance at a restaurant on the street and threw glass and glass bottles at staff.

One staff member was treated for non-life-threatening injuries at St James's Hospital after being hit by a bottle or glass.

Garda attended the scene and three men, two early 20s and one late teens, were arrested and taken to Pearse Street Garda Station.

Video footage which appears to have recorded some of the disturbance shows two groups of men fighting on the street as one group appears to be trying to get the second group to leave the area.

The video, which has been shared on social media, shows both groups swinging and throwing chairs at each other, and fighting in the street before other bystanders break up the row and usher one group away.

A garda spokesman said investigations are ongoing.

ITS NOT LIKE SENSIBLE TAXI DRIVERS DID NOT PREDICT THIS .Why the fuck do Politicians not consult us before they do fucking stupid stuff like closing streets or bus lanes .We travel more of the city and know the lie of the land .

Taxi Talk / Re: Do you want your fucking Go
« Last post by Shallowhal on Today at 10:08:36 am »
The pen is mightier than the sword gun.
Taxi Talk / Re: Do you want your fucking Go
« Last post by silverbullet on Today at 12:19:39 am »
Don't knock it John!!

Ermy should open a bank account. They then give you a gun. The downside is the pens are attached to the counter! 8)

Taxi Talk / Re: Masks mandatory in taxis until 9th Nov
« Last post by silverbullet on Today at 12:01:26 am »
2 pedals in the car? Sounds like that Nigerian lad parked outside Trinity college! 8)
Taxi Talk / Re: Coupla of Fuckka
« Last post by john m on June 17, 2021, 11:12:33 pm »
You know I HATE Leo think he is a Fucking TRAITOR .Did the cunt actually know by doing a Backpassage deal with Boros and letting him off the hook that there would be trouble in the North as soon as the Loyalist start rioting or Shooting the Republicans will retaliate .Leo will associate Republicans with SF .Did he do the Backpassage deal to cause trouble up there in the hope it would damage SF in the Republic .Could never understand why he got involved and met Boros why he didnt just let the EU deal with Boros .
Taxi Talk / Re: Coupla of Fuckka
« Last post by Shallowhal on June 17, 2021, 10:42:11 pm »
Not looking great for Irish Unification

Some good news so!!
Taxi Talk / Re: Coupla of Fuckka
« Last post by john m on June 17, 2021, 10:22:28 pm »
You got to question the Madness .Poots tried to play both cheeks of his arse against each other  to save his hole .He wouldnt agree to an Irish Language act but the Brit Government said if he didnt introduce it they would do it for him so he could save face on the Shankill and SF could claim a victory but not at the DUPs expense  .Proper leadership handing over the power to decide to Boris .This nonsense kicks off again in the North add in Dr Leos backpassage deal .Not looking great for Irish Unification or safety are there no adults in the room .
Taxi Talk / Re: Coupla of Fuckka
« Last post by Scooterman on June 17, 2021, 10:01:52 pm »
         Does Arele have. A bollix   
Taxi Talk / Re: Coupla of Fuckka
« Last post by Shallowhal on June 17, 2021, 09:51:37 pm »
I'd say Arlene is laughin his bollox off!!
Taxi Talk / Coupla of Fuckka
« Last post by john m on June 17, 2021, 09:34:05 pm »
The Nice people in the DUP have done what the DUP do do .Mr Poots done the dirt on Arleen now his party have fucked him hard up the hole .Bit like the dog who bites his master gets put down .With the Marching Season in three weeks me prediction of British Troops shooting British Subjects in Britain might not be that ridiculous after all .Leo the traitor believes he will see a United Ireland in his lifetime not with these bigots .
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