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Taxi Talk / Re: DAIL DOWN
« Last post by mercenary for hire on Today at 11:38:45 am »
I see TV3 said Oliver bond was a North Dublin flat complex. We get blamed on everything.
Taxi Talk / Re: The definition of stupidity
« Last post by mercenary for hire on Today at 11:37:22 am »
I used to work in Mackers when I was a kid and on my induction day they sat me down in front of a telly watching videos of people constantly washing their hands.Even now I still do it a lot.I've no OCD or anything but I never get sick.Maybe if we all watched the brainwashing videos there would be no pandemic bollix or need for a flu jab.

I've been in loads of different pubs and nobody was cleaning the doors.Everyone has to touch the doors to get into the jax.How many of yis are actually bothering to wipe down the car after every fare?In my opinion we have to let the virus rip as not enough people give a shit.

 I've noticed there's loads wearing the masks on the street...thats the next stage.
Taxi Talk / Re: The definition of stupidity
« Last post by Dr. Martin Gooter Bling on Today at 11:06:55 am »
Do you remember when cunts living in irrational fear and wearing gloves and masks and talkin non stop bollocks about germs and bacteria was regarded as a mental illness.
Taxi Talk / Re: DAIL DOWN
« Last post by john m on Today at 11:04:42 am »
Not a peep out of Dommo lately,he must be self isolating

Dommo is on Holiday in Sligo His Brothers mates sisters friends next door neighbour has a place down there so he packed a bag and dropped in on them for a bit of a break .He will be back up for the Leaving Cert Party for his Grandson who gets out on TR this weekend .They have invited 100 people to the Party and just so the Garda cant raid the party .Meself and Dommo are going to play Handball up against the Gable wall of the Gaffs behind the Flats for a few hours while the party is on and if the Garda say anything we will say its an outdoor sporting event with limited spectators .I need to go to Dunnes Stores to get some shorts and white anlkesocks so I look like an Athlete for the Game .If your out working on Saturday and your near the Gaffs behind the flats drop over and say hello .The Spectators will be in the playground in the flats but you can see the gable wall from there .If anybody messes with you tell them I invited you and you will be grand .

The Sinn Féin TD for Dublin South Central has criticised the slow response by An Garda Síochána to reports of a large gathering of young people at an outdoor party in a flat complex in the inner city on Saturday night.

Video of the event has circulated online and shows a marquee with music playing at the Oliver Bond Flat Complex, which is in an area that has one of the highest Covid-19 infection rates in the country.

Aengus Ó Snodaigh said gardaí dispersed the crowd of youths after midnight despite being called after 7pm.
Taxi Talk / Re: The definition of stupidity
« Last post by john m on Today at 10:27:43 am »
Sole Trader.I remember Big Dommos Brothers little brother getting caught pulling his pole by his oulone .She marched him around to the Chapel beside the Gaffs beside the Flats and told the Priest he was abusing himself .Priest told him that none of that juice should be wasted it was a gift between men and women to create babies and should only be shared after marrage in a loving relationship .Little Dommo says to the Priest ."I know that Father I was only checking that everything was working before I entered a loving relationship as Knobbing me doxy and firing blanks would be a sin as the Church says the only reason to have sex is to have children .Bit like test driving a car before you buy it .
Taxi Talk / Re: The definition of stupidity
« Last post by Bubba Ho-Tep on Today at 10:06:43 am »
Sure there`s only one person playing at any given moment.
Taxi Talk / The definition of stupidity
« Last post by dalymount on Today at 10:04:45 am »
I play snooker every monday,and wednesday night,and I rang the place that I play in this morning to make sure its going to be open to us tonight.the girl made enquiries for me from her supervisor,and came back and said its only open if you play on your own . Im not joking
Taxi Talk / Re: The Brexodus
« Last post by dalymount on Today at 09:53:08 am »
Sure isn't that what im saying ? He's to generous to them black fellas.imagine letting them give the black power salute when their taking the knee.if white people made a similar gesture giving a WHITE power salute,you'd have the bleedin hearts brigade up in arms demanding death to all whites,sure where is it going to end ?
Taxi Talk / Re: Cheap rentals are back.
« Last post by mercenary for hire on Today at 08:54:28 am »
^^^^VD its just a grant, you don't actually have to apply for it.In previous years the grant allocation has been used up before year end so check with the NTA.It's always been renewed with more money.But who knows if that will be forever.Probably.
Taxi Talk / Re: Cheap rentals are back.
« Last post by dalymount on Today at 08:51:30 am »
Frank Fahey tried to ban the rental section some years ago,its a pity he didnt succeed
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