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Taxi Talk / Re: Masks mandatory in taxis until 9th Nov
« Last post by Rat Catcher on June 17, 2021, 07:20:42 pm »
I wouldn't be teaching anyone in a non dual control car who's a complete's bad enough hitting the imaginary brake when the missus is driving...and she has a full licence!!

Strange as it may seem, there's more logic in the erm's approach. While driving school cars are required to be dual control, AFAIK registered ADIs may give instruction in the learner's vehicle. Either way, at the end of every EDT session the instructor is required to tell the learner to practice for at least 3 hours with his sponsor before the next lesson. So, in effect, you are suggesting that the unqualified sponsor has greater skill than the qualified ADI...
Taxi Talk / Re: Masks mandatory in taxis until 9th Nov
« Last post by Rat Catcher on June 17, 2021, 07:17:02 pm »
30575, 21D eNiro rental from Mechanic 24hr. Things is changin'

Owned and driven by VASYL BLAHYY according to NTA records. Is Stuart doing car only rentals?
Taxi Talk / Re: Brown taxi driver back working after sex conviction
« Last post by Belker on June 17, 2021, 01:07:23 pm »
Great to be Black in our non-racist society !
If a White driver did that he would be looking at 2 to 3 behind bars and on the sex offenders list fer life.
Taxi Talk / Re: Do you want your fucking Go
« Last post by Octavia1 on June 17, 2021, 12:14:45 pm »
Racist is just a word Johnny....its the most abusive word in the history of language cause its used to silence common sense by
Those who have ulterior motive .....its manufactured gag  control.....
I'm a proud tribalist ......a racist? No fuk off wit yyrself ....I've no problem wit blacks in afrika....I've a huge problem wit German policy making blacks a majority in Ireland in 20 years time .....
But yu irish are letting it happen and yur going to regret it ....
The races don't mix....never have..... never will ...

Taxi Talk / Re: Do you want your fucking Go
« Last post by john m on June 17, 2021, 12:07:35 pm »
Everything seems to be going backwards Wild West gun wearing ,Land Lords owning the house you live in Bosses deciding where and when you work .Should of listened to me mammy done the leaving and got a Civil Service Job .
Taxi Talk / Re: Do you want your fucking Go
« Last post by Cool Boola on June 17, 2021, 11:48:15 am »
Its like a rolling stone...It was slow and easy to understand,when I was a kid. Now it is flying down the hill and I am getting swamped by the increasing on
Taxi Talk / Re: Do you want your fucking Go
« Last post by Shallowhal on June 17, 2021, 11:46:18 am »
Don't knock it John!!
Taxi Talk / Re: Do you want your fucking Go
« Last post by john m on June 17, 2021, 11:29:48 am »
HOME OF THE FREE ..Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed into law a bill that allows people to carry firearms in public without a permit.

Texas has joined nearly two dozen other states that allow some form of unregulated carry of a handgun, and will by far be the most populous.
Taxi Talk / Re: Do you want your fucking Go
« Last post by john m on June 17, 2021, 10:35:55 am »
I dont do racism me self Occi yet to meet a Blackman or Muslim or Indian that has ever done anything on me .But I do agree that we are being played by Government Policies .Abortion,Divorce ,Same sex marriage .Bertie giving away good council houses at Yellow Pack prices has now created a housing shortage ,Bailing out the Banks got us the Fiscal Treaty that has yet to play out .Leo thinking he had a Backpassage deal with Boros and Brexit .Farmers and Publicans use to have a say in this country but Brexit has removed their Biggest market so that industry will shrink and Government Green Policy will put the boot in .Publicans are finished they just dont know it yet .The abandoned Cafe Bar thing the Progressive Democrats wanted will be back as peoples gargle coin will be gobbled up in future taxes and tarriffs from Household charges ,Road Levies where road tax will be replaced by drivers paying by the mile for the amount they travel .Occi the People we were born to be are dead we are now replaced by us and we really dont know what us means .National Identity all identity is now only reflected on the Sportsfields From football to Rugby to Olympics .Go visit that oulone with the Telly and flick through the channells .Most will be Sports  and everybody will look for their team then News to tell us what and how to think .Then 24 hour Money chanels like Bloomberg .At The Races ,Racing UK selling the dream of easy money .Then the reality Channells like how to fix your gaff as you cant afford to buy a new one or how to fix a car or clock .Occi the likes of you and me are Vampires ,we look in the mirror and there is no reflection because we dont recognise the person looking back at us .We are Generation Gone we no longer exist .

You and I know we are in WW3 America is finished they had Nuclear weapons that they and we know they will never use .China has tested their Biological weapons and Russia their Cyber weapons .We are looking at the 4 horsemen Plague =China  .Flame = USA nukes Pestilence =Russian Cyber attacks ,Hunger =Global warming .Occi im 60 later this year my vision is hopefully to live to be 70 .If I was a kid with a Biro sitting my Leaving Cert today I wouldnt have a fucking clue what the future holds and what road to travel .
Taxi Talk / Re: Do you want your fucking Go
« Last post by Octavia1 on June 17, 2021, 09:04:59 am »
Occi in one week we have a taxi driving sex offender two muppetts involved in road rage and three lads getting involved with blades .The industry is on its knees and this sort of PR does it no good .In what universe would a taxi driver ever consider drawing or carrying a knife .Most of us wouldnt have a ton in our pockets at the end of a shift .So thinking of carrying a knife to defend a ton is madness if you are carrying a knife to defend yourself then you need to change job .
Ide never consider it Johnny...only at home I've a Cople swords for wen the guards come to take me away again to the looney bin ....Cople pipe bomb an incenderys for the 2 gay Russians that are making the owlones across the halls cat get the scutters his nerves is gone .....
Anyway in the taxi I prefer to stun the cnuts wit me tazer an it puts them asleep until I can find a discreet spot up the mountains to dump them  an no real harm done a good lesson learned for the cnut .....but Johnny thers nuttin but shite been imported into this country for the last 30 years an we got the m50 out of it off the EEC in return the fukin gas ting bout it is then they put a toll on it so its really us that pays for it but hey who's cares.....
Anyway if I had me way weed turn this country into a  state an a man in uniform an 2 alsations..........I'm a proud nationalist  an all this importing the rejects of the world an selling our land to American an German banks makes me want kill them cunts in the Dail......them traitors have sold our country Johnny and condemned our  children to slavery an bean 2nd class citizens in ther own country ........this black lives matter bolloxology is a ruse ...this victimhood is leverage for greater privilege and nuttin to do with equality....because they are treated better in this country than the Irish are .....I seen them blacks marching down on connoll Street Johnny giving out bout George flyod...(the junkie bank robber who never worked a day in his life an resisted arrest an who has made 10s of billion for black charities in America an now ther wondering wer the money is gone )........shouting an rioting in the center of the capital of a country that welcomed them with open arms an they got free gaffs an welfare an a job if they wanted .....thers no excuse to be unemployed in this country if you are black Johnny....cause its government policies to be seen to be  inclusive bean inclusive it means employing blacks in all government departments ......yu can clearly see it for example in RTE .....THE  propaganda department for the " government "
Every home made programme has a black presenter or actor in it may I add ..not a Indian or Muslim or Chinese or Antin no .....a black African ya see cause they have to be seen as anti racist an use the darkest skin .... they gone completely over the top so evey advertisement on the owlones telly across the hall  has a black every government department office  is compelled to have at least one black in the office to show they not a racist cun't with the result that white Irish wen yu do the maths are bean excluded from civil servant pensionable jobs simply because of ther colour of ther that's not only fukin  "racist" Johnny but its a betrayal of our own people an it annoys the fuk out of me deeply  cause...".YOU AINT SEEN NUTTIN YET "
yu irish are so so dumb .....
Now back to bed ..its way too early for me to be out bed  ::sleep
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