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Which way
« on: February 16, 2020, 11:36:15 PM »
Rialto Driver just rang he had a row with a passenger .What way would you go from the Cliffs Hotel Lyons estate Newcastle to the Airport .I said turn left down by Peamount Adamstown Lucan right onto N4 Left onto M50 .He said passenger complained he didnt go Nass Road M50  This happened a few  weeks ago and he gets no more work there .So who is right Peamount or Nass Road I recon there isint much in it .It was an early morning Job about 3am

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Re: Which way
« Reply #1 on: Today at 01:46:33 AM »
an aulwan complained about me to Joe Duffy a few years ago.
it was sheer coincidence I heard it.
I very seldomly turn the radio on when I'm boiling the kettle but this day I did.
she mentioned the time and the area and it was definitely me.
she was in the back with the aufla and the grown up son was in the front.
it was a stone cold 50/50 route.
she started rabbitting on about how I was going the long way.
I'm coming home from here since the big bang etc. and I've never come this route. ye don't know where you're going etc.
I was waiting and waiting for the aufla to tell her to shut the fuck up but he never did.
I had traversed about 60% of the route and I gave in to her sniping and i did a u-turn and came all the way back in the opposite direction to where I picked them up and went the direction she wanted.
I was like a fucking demon. the aulwan kept at me and the insults started up.
where are you taking us now. this unbelievable etc.
don't worry you'll be home in time to make the fuckin dinner I think I said to her.
I started slaggin fuck outta the aufla for not markin the aulwan's card but he still said nothing.
it was only when he was getting out I realised he was riddled with full blown alzheimers or something.
made an awful bollocks of myself.
that was the last time I ever overruled anybody and did'nt go the route they wanted.
the customer is always right, especially when they're wrong.

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Re: Which way
« Reply #2 on: Today at 02:02:30 AM »
If in any doubt and it's a 50/50 route, I'll always ask the customer fer their preferred route whilst offering my own suggestion at the beginning of the journey, it can save a lorra hassel at the end.

And if you do happen to make a bollix of yourself and go the wrong way, then just knock a few Euro off and usually they are pleased with that. Never ever ask; "How much do you usually pay ?" if you have taken a wrong route, because they will always come out with some ludicrous low quote.


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