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Re: free now runner
« Reply #15 on: March 17, 2023, 12:22:40 pm »
Free Now don't give a flying fuck. They can put a hold on an account to collect their fare surcharges but say they can't put a hold on an account to collect a fare. Moreover, they refuse to block runners from the system so are knowingly sending other drivers to collect the same scum. Something needs to be done about that.

That said, you actually sent the client a receipt by ending the fare, Doc. Seems straightforward to me that they can just show that to the judge claiming to have paid you the amount receipted.
If you don't get paid, you enter the minimum price to clear the job, i.e. €6.80, and presumeably that's what the client gets a receipt for, then you get an undercharge message from FN to which you give the appropriate reply. Easily explained in the highly unlikely scenario that you ever have to explain to the judge why a customer has an initial charge receipt for a €20 journey,

I get the impression Doc cleared the job after the first leg, opting to treat the return as an arrangement between himself and the client thereby ending Free Now's entitlement to commission. If that is the case he has issued a receipt for a totally plausible fare.

I'd be inclined to clear non-payments as €3.88 (I think €3.80 is still the minimum permissible entry) so it's obviously implausible and stands out in your cash book simplifying the reconciliation proces when you get a pay slip modified to elimate relevant commission.


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