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Re: Game Risk
« Reply #15 on: October 01, 2017, 08:42:32 am »
Good week so far .That yoke I rang with won @6/1 played up a few quid on Chelsea @14/5 they were lucky scored the winner in the 4th minute of added time then had a small accum two horses 4/9 and 2/5 both looked penalty kicks then the two football teams won @4/9 and waiting on ACmilan @1/4 led 2-0 got pegged back but got the winner in added time then I had that one last night @ 13/2.But you know the Game might not back another winner this side of Easter .

Of all those Winners that you posted above John M, 6/1, 14/5, 4/9, 2/5, 4/9, 1/4, That's a 96/1 accum alone in unpublished bets,
before you even got around to the One 13/2 winner that fer once you published before the Off-time, that would bring it up to a 727/1 accumulator.
You should publish your bets before the off/kick-off or else keep them to yourself.


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