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Re: Free bet --Powers
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Ill explain to you as your not particulary intelligent

You get a Free fiver thats a FUCKING real fiver if you collect .Now If I select one of the 27 players who will play the game if I dont get it right like the people who picked the other 26 I lose but if I select No scorer The minute the game kicks off I have a winning docket .The odds of anybody else holding a winning docket is 26/1 0-0 probably pays 9/2  Rashford to Score probably pays 6/1 ..So in reality if you bet on Rashford and he wins for your free fiver bet you get a return of 35 .If I win I get 27.50 .So the difference is you can win 7.50 more than me .So for Odds of 26/1 you can win 7.50  for actually naming the player more than me and possibly never hold a winning ticket where I would of started out a winner and had to lose everybody else would of started out with non winning dockets and @ odds of 26/1  to win .Are you to stupit to understand Probabilities and percentages .
Granted, it is all very small potatoes that John M speakes of, but his math is correct.


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