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Re: Phone Home
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I wonder if Tony the Crank .they called him that because he went to St Pats in 1978 for robbing a bicycle .He was released this morning from Mountjoy after doing two years for driving somebody elses van full of stuff .Anyway how sad would he be if he turned up at Slatterys on Capel Street with his black plastic bag with his change of clothes track suit and his wireless and his Prison Grat money and couldnt get an early  pint because he had no photo ID .He will probably ring Joe Duffy after dinner and complain that he was treated fairer in side than out .Lad who owns the Shamrock Lodge said he wont reopen as he dosent want to discriminate good idea I would think in Finglas .What ID are they looking for in Noctors ?

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Re: Phone Home
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So if you end up in the hostipal with a butt plug up yer hoop(i heard it happens) and you test won't be counted as a positive case....but if you turn up at a test centre and test will be? if me aunty has balls...then she's not me uncle?....i need an bleedin aspirin!!


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