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Re: our new green government
« Reply #225 on: June 27, 2020, 01:58:37 pm »
Greens will implode this government wont pass a budget .Greens were forcasting 68% yes and it turns out to be 74%  Party might split overnight .but your right Roy we do need a government .

You're constantly predicting doom and gloom, everything will fail at the next hurdle, then when it doesn't it'll be the hurdle after that, then when it finally does fail you claim great foresight.

Roy how the fuck can this Government work .The Most successful party leader Ryan who increased his party from 2 seats to 12 is being challenged by his deputy .Martin and Leo lost bucketloads of seats and both are going to be Taoiseach .How the fuck will that work .Wait till the reality of the Budget in October comes home to roost then see how united it is .Oh yea GET A FUCKINH GUN .

How will it work you ask. Look at whats just happened. The 2 civil war partys came together to keep the shinners out.
If Micheal Martin didnt become Taoiseach he would have been the first FF leader not to be Taoiseach.
FFs core belief is that they are "the Government", it is their "right" to be in Government.They will sel their souls to be in power and thats exactly what they have done now.
Fianna Failers are a quare bunch (dalymount will love me using that term),once a Fianna Failer always a Fianna Failer.

I use to have a mate who was a FFer, you could not say one bad word about them. He was the typical, arrogant, ignorant, misogynistic man, all the things needed to be one.

FG after the election wanted to be in opposition Leo said it. But when the likelihood was a Sinn Fein Gov,they too, sold their souls to join with FF

As for the Greens, they are biggest turn coats since a former taxi union rep became something else.
There wont be enough room in a phone box for them after the next election.

When it comes down to it, as Kelly (labour leader) said "Power is a drug".

Thats why this will work. 

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Re: our new green government
« Reply #226 on: June 27, 2020, 08:21:08 pm »
Do you mean to continue to work like it has..I see reality for what it is and Ermy sees the bigger Ponzi scheme too.I dont just spread doom and gloom...Life will go on?...but if my car crashes into a wall...I dont go out and fill it with putty ...I deal with reality......Shit!I have real things to do...
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Re: our new green government
« Reply #227 on: June 27, 2020, 08:29:51 pm »
Ffs got me insurance quote from BJP on bonus protection ( which I said I did not want in fairness ) no penalty points,full no claims bonus,and they STILL  came back to me with a quote for almost 2 k .they can shove that,I got a quote from taxifair for 1514 about 2 weeks ago


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