Author Topic: Irish lives matter  (Read 1663 times)

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Re: Irish lives matter
« Reply #75 on: June 30, 2020, 06:52:47 am »
You brought Syria in to it Roy.

I never mentioned any particular country or race.

The few Syrians here are the Real refuge's,
most of the rest here are Bogus 'Welfare Tourists'
who have by-passed/exploited the 'Geneva convention'.

So it's only some refugees you're racist about, which ones do you not like?
The 'Welfare tourists', no particular colour or race, just those that have come to Ireland as the Jucyiest welfare state from far away lands claiming asylum and passing through many other Safe ports to get here. Also not to fond of the mostly Asian men who married eastern european brides in Sham marriages to get an Irish passport and work visa.

A Refugee who has been granted permission to remain is entitled to welfare, however availing of welfare affects the renewal of that right so they are encouraged to find work and generally do.
It's our own welfare slobs I'd be more concerned about,  they have no incentive to find work, look at the Covid payments for Taxi drivers, every one of them has work to go to but many choose to stay on the dole, you don't need to look far for examples.
Maybe you'd prefer refugees who have been granted the right to remain to be rummaging through rubbish for food and living on the street, meanwhile you're happy to see well fed Taxi drivers sit in their pads taking money from the state coffers while there is work for them to do?
I believe Welfare are very good at investigating sham marriages, I'm fairly sure that's why you're aware of them

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Re: Irish lives matter
« Reply #76 on: June 30, 2020, 07:15:11 am »
There are Scams a plenty to be had by all,
The Welfare tourists,
The Asian/EU Marriage scam,
our own Irish 'Doleities',
The Knackers.
And none of them please me too much.

Fer myself I'll soon be 40 years working and paying a tax return every year since I was 15.
My First time ever claiming Social was fer 3 weeks on the Covid 350.


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